MIDEA 4 Stage Under-Countertop Filtration System MU1649

MIDEA 4 Stage Under-Countertop Filtration System MU1649

MIDEA 4 Stage Under-Countertop Filtration System MU1649

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It is one of the best filtration systems with the ability to remove anything harmful from the water but keeping the necessary ingredients.

High Performance System 0.01 micron 

A complete under-countertop system with 4 stages of polypropylene filtration, carbon granule, solid activated carbon and superfiltration membrane.

1st Stage: 5 micron Sediment Filter

It is made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers, high capacity and removes dirt, dust, pasticles, rust and other sediments.

2nd Stage: 10 micron granular activated carbon filter

It is a high efficiency activated carbon filter that removes 99% of free chlorine, odor, organic pollutants, insecticides and chemicals.

3rd Stage: Activated Carbon Filter 0.5 micron

The replacement part contained in the device is made of 100% pure high capacity fibers and removes dirt, dust, particles, rust and other sediments. It also contians high-performance activated carbon that removes free chlorine, odors, organic contaminants, insecticides and chemicals. Finally, it improves the smell and taste of the water.

4th Stage: Hyperfiltration Membrane 0.01 micron

This filter is capable of removing bacteria, fungi, lead, arsenic, iron, nickel, chlorides, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide and other organic compounds.

The Perfect Choice

  • Ideal for use in homes, apartments, offices, boats this filtration system ensures excellent quality water wherever you go. 
  • Ideal for cooking, washing fruit, coffee, tea, ice or for any other use.
  • It include with faucet, mounting bracket and spare filters and all the connectos you will need.
  • Easy to install, easily connected to your kitchen supply. To install it simply connect the inlet (in water supply) and the outlet (our kitchen faucet) correctly.

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