Eiger Cartridges 6-Step Reverse Osmosis Filters (Set of 6 filters)

Eiger Cartridges 6-Step Reverse Osmosis Filters  (Set of 6 filters)

Eiger Cartridges 6-Step Reverse Osmosis Filters (Set of 6 filters)

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Certifications: NSF, TUV AUSTRIA, Water Quality, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

The set includes 6 filters cartridge type and is suitable for almost all reverse osmosis systems. The package in detail contains: In detail it has:

  1. Stage 1: Sediment filter of 5 millionths (5 microns)
    It is made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers, high capacity and removes impurities, dusts, particles, rust and other sediments.
  2. Stage 2: Granular activated filter 
    It is a high-efficiency activated carbon filter that removes the free chlorine, smell, organic contaminant particles, insecticides and chemicals.
  3. Stage 3: Filter (5 microns) of activated carbon 
    The third stage is activated carbon in order to prepare the water in the best possible way before it passes through the membrane of high discharge.
  4. Stage 4: TFC (Thin Film Composite) high-discharge film 
    It separates 95-99.9% of dissolved pollutants, chemical, solid, metals, bacteria and microbes from water molecules (see lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluorine, nitrites and selenium). The pollutants are then removed through the drain.
  5. Stage 5: Carbon outflow filter 
    The outflow filter removes all smells and debris, improving the taste of the water.
  6. Stage 6: Filter to stenthen the water with trace elements and minerals 
    After the 5th stage and before the water reaches your glass, the 6th stage adds trace elements and minerals necessary for the better absorption of water by your body.

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