Doulton Sterasyl® OBE 10''

Doulton Sterasyl® OBE 10&

Doulton Sterasyl® OBE 10''

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It is ''open'' on both sides (Open Both Ends) and therefore fits most commercial devices. That means you do not need a Doulton device to put this filter. It consists of an extremely thin ceramic material capable of reducing simple elements such as soil, mud and rust, but also more ''difficult'' elements such as cryptospores, cysts, bacteria and turbidity. It is a pre-filter, so we usually put it in double or triple filters as a first step to protect the next steps of water filtration. It is impregnated with silver, which means that it can and prevents the growth of germs and bacteria. Made in England, like other Doulton products.

It fits in most commercial devices as it is OBE (Open Both Ends), i.e. open on both sides. So you can install it even if you do not have a Doulton device.

It consisnts of high quality ceramic. Ceramic is a porcelain-like material that tries to penerate water.

0.9 micron permeability in 100% of cases (absolute filtrartion)

0.2 micron permeability in 98% of cases (nominal filtration)

High efficiency in reducing bacteria

Doulton Sterasyl® is a high quality water filter that offers clean water.

It is costructered with the necessary structure of the pores in order to reducea wide list of pathological factors.

Removes Cryptosporidium with 100% efficiency

Ideal pre-filter for reverse osmosis and other complex filters.

Ideal auxiliary filter for water treatment systems with Ultraviolet (UV)


Ideal pre-filter for double and triple upper and lower counter water filters.

Reduces effective soils, mud, rust, sand and microparticles.

Reduces bacteria, cysts and turbidity.

It is irrigated with silver which acts as a bacteriostatic that prevents the growth of bacteria in the filter 18.

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