Flow Restrictor for RO System 800

Flow Restrictor for RO System 800

Flow Restrictor for RO System 800

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It is placed at the outlet of the osmotic water to the drain. It essentially restricts (or drowns) the flow of water to the sewer. This actually artificially raises the pressure inside the osmosis system, eventually forcing the membrane to "work" more, producing clean water faster. The larger the number of chokes (e.g. 300, 420, 800, etc.) the more it reduces the flow of the water to the sewer.

Significantly reduces water flow in the sewer.

The flow restrictor is placed in the reverse osmosis drain.

  • Connects to 1/4 inch tubes. This is the cross section of all reverse osmosis systems.
  • It cuts off the flor of water to the drain, forcing the osmosis membrane to work more and not to throw too much water in the kitchen drain.
  • Ideal for areas with low water pressure or for reverse osmosis systems that do not have a water pump.
  • If you notice that the reverse osmosis throws enough water into the drain or that the water storage tank fills up too late, then you may need this accessory.

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