Electronic Water Softener Decal 3/4''

Electronic Water Softener Decal 3/4&

Electronic Water Softener Decal 3/4''

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  • Ideal for home
  • Low electricity consumption (approximately € 3.00 - € 4.00 per year)
  • Quick assembly
  • No maintenance required 
  • Suitable for pipes of any material
  • Restores the piping system
  • Keeps pipes and appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, clean
  • Save money on detergents and cleaning supplies
  • Save money on electricity costs
  • Your faucet will stay clean for longer

DeCal Electronic Water Softener for the treatment of domestic drinking and non-drinking water is a product high reliability thanks to our careful planning and quality assurance system. Hard water and limestones lead to the formation of resistant limestone deposits in kitchen and bathroom, in all water pipes and household appliances. These stocks, in particular on home appliances, often require expensive repairs by qualified technicians.

DeCal is the ecological and economical solution to the problem of scale depostion, it is an alternative solution in water softeners, without additional salts, chemicals and periodic maintenance.

Thanks to specific electronic pulses that are transmitted through water and emitted by the unit spiral winding changes the crystals structure of calcium and magnesium salts. They are joined in the form of fingers (aragonite) and in this form the crystals can no longer be joined so that to form calcareous sediments. The harmlesslimestone fingers, in the form of fine dust that float are eliminated from the flowing water. Residues can be removed without difficulty and without being requoired no longer use strong detergents. Gradually your piping system will get rid of them calcareous sediments and rust.

As DeCal is applied to the outside of the pipes, the original chemical composition of your water will not altered. Slats and important trace elements for the human body will remain intact as well additional chemicals are used. Foods and drinks will retain their natural flavor as water will not now has intrrusive resins and you can simply improve it by using a micro-filtration system to remove chlorine, odors and taste.


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Electronic Water Softener Decal 3/4''
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