PENTEK CFB-PB-10 0.5 micron Cartridge

PENTEK CFB-PB-10 0.5 micron Cartridge

PENTEK CFB-PB-10 0.5 micron Cartridge

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The Pentair CFB-PB Cartridge is designed to reduce chlorine taste & odor, sediment and other substances.* CFB-PB Cartridges are modified molded block manufactured using our proprietary Fibredyne technology. This technology creates a unique filter media by attaching powdered activated carbon and lead adsorbent material onto a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix. This results in higher reduction efficiencies that resist plugging, offers longer life, and features the lowest pressure drop over the effective life of the cartridge of any available 0.5-micron filter cartridge.* Fibredyne carbon block technology also offers up to two times the chlorine taste & odor reduction and dirt holding capacity of traditional blocks.* In addition, this technology will not release fines into the effluent stream due to a unique post-filtration layer that is fused to the carbon/ fiber media blend. The CFB-PB Cartridge is an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications.


Premium dirt holding capacity*

High chlorine taste & odor and bad taste and odor reduction*


Filter Media – Bonded PAC

Endcaps – Polypropylene

Netting – Polyethylene

Gaskets – Santoprene

Temperature Rating - 40-180o F (4.4-82.2o C)

*Not Tested or Certified by NSF



PART: 255681-43

MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS: 2.88'' x 9.75'' (73mm x 248mm)

RATING(NOMINAL)*: 0.5 micron

INITIAL ΔP (PSI) @ FLOW RATE (GPM)*: 8.1 psi @ 1 gpm (0.56 bar @ 3.8 Lpm)

CHLORINE TASTE & ODOR REDUCTION @ FLOW RATE (GPM)*: >5,000 gallons @ 1 gpm (>18,927 L @ 3.8 Lpm)

NOTES: Performance capacity dependes on system design, flow rate and certain other application conditions. Cartridges may contain a very small amount of carbon fines (very fine black powder). After installation, follow the instructions for flushing the cartridge to remove the fines before using the water. You should flush the tap at least 20 seconds prior to using water for drinking or cooking purposes. This is particularly important if the tap  has not been used daily. Micron ratings based on 85% or graeter removal of given particle size. Estimated capacity using 2 ppm free available chlirine at 0.5 ppm breakthrough.
WARNING: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

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