Replacement Tap Water Filter Brita ON Tap Advanced

Replacement Tap Water Filter Brita ON Tap Advanced

Replacement Tap Water Filter Brita ON Tap Advanced

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This filter directly provides crystal clear water through the solid activated carbon which effectively reduces chlorine, chloroform, thihalomethane, lead, pesticides and various ither harmful substances. German BRITA technology guarantees the quality of this filter.

Replacement Tap FIlter Brita On-Tap Advanced.

The spare filter can filter up to 600 liters. Powerful filtering without maintenance costs. Easy replacement without tools.

The smart & simple solution for filtered water, at the moment.

Easy and fast installation on the Brita On-Tap New Electronic Tap Water Filter. A filter provides up to 600 liters of filtered water with great taste. The electronic indicaror on the LCD screen reminds you when the filter needs to be replaced.

Replacement Tap Filter Brita On-Tap Advanced HF (Hollow Fiber/ Hollow Fiber)

  • The hollow fiber (HF) membrane acts as a sieve and reduces small particles.
  • Designed for cold water filtration - seperate water outlet in the system for unfiltered hot or cold water.
  • Possibility of filtering up to 600 liters.

Strong filtration thanks to hollow fiber (HF) membrane, granular activated carbon and ion exchange fibers.

The system reduces - to the extent that they can be contained in tap water:

  • Chlorien and other chemicals that spoil the taste and smell.
  • Metals (such as lead and copper).
  • Particles >1μm (such as microplastics, rust, soil, sludge, etc.).
  • 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Pesticides & Herbicides.
  • √Preserves trace elements such as calcium and magnesium.

Why choose the Brita On-Tap Advanced Tap Water Filter  

With a switch for great taste - You can always switch between fresh filtered brita water and unfiltered tap water.

Ideal for preparing healthy food - Improves the taste of your meals and allows the development of natural aroma and taste of food.

Better control - The LCD display counts down the liters remaining until the replacement filter is changed.

Budget - Take advantage of its budget-friendly benefits and save mioney.

Convenient - Never carry heavy bottles of bottled water again.

German quality and design - Rely on German quality. Enjoy attractive German design.

Eco-friendly - The ecological and ideal altrernative to bottled water.

Replacement / Replacement Tap Filter Brita On-Tap Advanced

  • Open the housing by turning the lid.
  • Remove the old spare filter.
  • Insert the new spare filter.
  • Close the system by turning the cover until it locks.
  • Do not forget to reset the electronic filter chnage indicator.



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