Cartridges Doulton RIO 2000 Sterasyl 6 pieces

Cartridges Doulton RIO 2000 Sterasyl 6 pieces

Cartridges Doulton RIO 2000 Sterasyl 6 pieces

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Spare cartridges Sterasyl 6 pcs for Doulton RIO 2000

Doulton RIO 2000 Sterasyl spare parts consist of 6 Sterasyl filters and 2 o-rings for the RIO 2000 multi-wax system.

Doulton's unique RIO 2000 6-element filter unit, which fits most Big Blue filter cabinets, lets you upgrade installed standard filters with a Doulton ceramic filter unit.

The high-flow filter unit offers a maximum flow rate of up to 520 gallons per hour or 8 gpm at a pressure of 3 bar.
Excellent water flow even in areas with low water pressure.
Ceramic filters remove:
Pathogenic bacteria (e.Coli, cholera, typhoid, salmonella, etc.)
Cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia, etc.)
Particle contamination modules
An alternative added value compared to UV water treatment systems, which do not require electricity.

  • Flow rate: Up to 8.7 gallons per minute
  • Type: Ceramic
  • Micron rating (absolute): 0.9 Micron
  • Micron rating (nominal): 0.5-0.8 Micron
  • Pressure operating range: 10-125 PSI
  • Operating temperature range: 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Origin: England

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